Hey everybody! Thanks for the great turnout, response and love last night! I knew that reading the crowd about ten minutes before downbeat would tell us how to proceed. Then, that didn't really happen. I used the short version of the serenity prayer (f*** it), and seven of us [T-bone Stone, Spike Vaughan, Sam Smith, Bill Jansen Michael Carrillo, David Ford and me] hit the stage and rocked the blues for the first long set. Then Fred Corbett & Bigfoot re-awakened the place, I joined after a few songs; switch again to Sam & T-Bone with us Elks; Third set started with Sven, Yorgy and Ole: New Elkhorn originals.... add T Bone...Sam...Spike the whole way...Dave Ford did some great stuff late...Susanne Randle "Walkin' After Midnight".......woah! The crowd buzzin'....geez......we love you all! So much happens in 5 hours when good folks get the chance to let it hang out. I'm hearing more and more stories about funny silly crazy little stuff that happened...what a time! Yancy, Robert, Rob, Carly, Lois, Jason, Heather, Everett, Todd, Jack, Marcia, Laura, Sharon, Owen, Laird, Emily, T.J., Chad, Blue, Darren, Bill, Nancy, Larry, Carla, on and on and man-o-man!! Thanks! See you May 1st....same place! Also, thanks to Dave Andrist for the congas, and the crew at Joe's Honky Tonk, and Java Jones Laurie for their support. I heard Ambush & Wildhorse had a great night, too....This town was rockin....

p.s. there will be some video coming....



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