Such a curious thing this life is, the people and places and animal friends all coming and going all the time. I'm beginning to understand why Granny was such a good rider. Just keep driving and she's completely happy simply watching the scenery go by. Drive as long as you want, as far as you want to go, doesn't matter. You can talk or not talk. Doesn't matter. Now is a time that I could be all worked up and worried about giving up Murray. I'm not. I have got a new place to live and am determining just what and when the "bank" is going to try and do. I simply can't afford it, and I will have more time and money, less stress, and make more music. That seems to be the best thing for me to do. I want to say hello, Namaste' and thanks to all my friends and fans throughout the years fears and tears for lending their ears, hearts and selves to help each other along this strange road. Last monday we had a service for Patty (Cole) Draper at the Eagles in Coos Bay, and it was sweet sadness and joy for everyone as far as I could see. The feelings poured out from everywhere and I believe Patty was right there with us. We all loved her very much. On another note, here's something Joe McCarthy sent me. Check it out if you feel so inclined: there is a strange recording you might listen to in this blog. Its from a gig I did two weeks ago with an interesting guy named David Vest. Scroll down to My Trip To Outer Space and then go down until you get to a link called, "here's what it sounded like". Improvising some nasty tonic..... *I'm playing at Dave Hubbells wedding on sunday the 14th. He's a buddy of Crawdaddys. Cool! OK gang - I'm off to see the wizard? Will be in touch. Namaste' BL Oh...I want to say thanks to Deano for checking in, and let you critics know that any of the guest book entries go through me, and whatever is said isn't always my opinion, but this is America and I try to honor our principles.

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