Yeah, Babe! This one's outta the park! HAA!!! Didn't mean anything in particular, just felt like saying that. Let's see now, some notes.. Thanks again to Darren Sherley & Nancy McIntosh & Jeff Eikamp...not to mention his dad... for their great performances last weekend; Welcome back Mistah Soopa Fantassic & Yorgi, my brodder, Bill Jansen to Wanda's this weekend; Banry's gettin' a pretty darn good setta whiskers; In fact, thanks to Wanda for tolerating us all! Thanks to Dorothy from Maine for demonstrating bravery by going to her very first bar last saturday night, at age....(XX) Thanks to so many people...HEY RONNIE! I LOVE YA! Oh, you wouldn't believe who I ran into at McKays in Coos Bay today.....ready....ANDREA from Naches! WOW! And folks. here's a place to send your good energy to now: Ernie @ Eagle Rock. The Woodshed. Near the birthplace of Michael Nashe' and Juice Brown. Anyway, i heard Ernie's not doing to well, so EVERYBODY send him your prayers and healing energy, k? Wow, I'm gettin tired...only been up for 20 hours or so....hmmm....Sweet dreams! Namaste BL

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