Yeaahhh. Got my little amp back and just in time for lasts nights show, and it screams (if you want it to), I got a new bridge on my Paul, and the "Old Victor" is sounding better than ever. I still cant say enough as to Bill Jansen and Michael Carrillo keeping the music full of energy and growing. Great job guys, and T-bone: As always your presence and expertise and just great harmonica work compliments and counterpoints us like you've been in the band forever. 

I want to thank John Chamberlin for gracing the stage as a tribute to our beloved friends recently passed. I'm thinking their spirits attended; Another great musician introduced himself to us, too. Mr. Stevie Ray Mays is a great bassist and singer, and you will be hearing about him. I talked with him tonight and he wants me to record some tracks for a project of his. Yes. And....while I'm on it, T-bones upcoming album will feature guess who? Elkhorn? Oh yeah. I suggested you stay tuned, remember?

This week for me will be: May 4 - Bluesday Night Jam @ Joe's Honky Tonk 9pm downbeat; May 7 - Friday acoustic open mic @ Java Jones 5pm; May 9 - Lakeside Crawdaddy Festival sunday @ 1pm downbeat, and we'll be playing all afternoon; And I believe Charlie Freak will be playing on saturday at the Crawdaddy Fest, which will be happening fri/sat/sun with lots of good music and food and people. Thanks Mr. Joe Pepper. Looking forward to it.

I'll try and get some pics from recent shows up soon. Keep some faith. Let's do some living.


ohhh...p.s. Happy Birthday Grampa!

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