Well, here's a note - I hope it's a politically correct one...ha! Really, now that's a lie. Anyway, Sean David is what I think everyone calls him. That's the guy who's name I wasn't sure of that sang last thursday night at the blues jam. Once again, I want to thank him and another thing. too - He sent me some of his artwork, and now I don't know if he's a better singer or artist! VERY cool stuff, Sean. Maybe he will let me post some here. I will email him and ask. That is, IF I can get the pix transferred from email to here...hmm...another MacIntosh moment? And - Bryan Hurt finally signs my guestbook. He's an old (ha-ha) drummer of mine, so to speak, and we are good friends, but he called me loverboy right out in front of God and everyone! Bryan, try to control yourself, will ya? I love you anyway. Bryans band now is out of Lodi..or is it IN Lodi? hmmm. Blynd Curve. Look them up here: 100parkplace.com/blyndcurve/ Rock n Roll. BL

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