Wow! Bend is sure beautiful this time of year! Just back from a big weekend on the coast, playing at the Bill Leslie Campout was a blast, what a great family. Home to gigs, gigs and more gigs!

Today, Friday Sept 9 I'll be at Fox's Billiards at 8:30pm for some rockin' blues solo gig, watching the bartenders perform their flair style of mixology, juggling glassware and bottles and somehow coming up with a great cocktail without getting it all over themselves...jus' sayin.

Saturday, I'm off to my favorite coffee house, Strictly Organic Coffee for a solo acoustic 1pm-3pm, then to The Good Life Brew Pub in the evening for some more rockin'nrollin with my soulful Breedlove, Belle.

Sunday, I'll be back at Taylor's Deli & Pub for Open Mic/Jam with some of my favorite people. Come on down and bring your instruments, drums, voices and smiles, cuz this gig promises to be a fun one! Even the kids can come and play! 

Until next time...

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