First I want to thank Rabbine, Santiago, "Raise The Vibe" jazz trio, Azuras', Amy & Cory from Tart, Leif James and Jimmy Joe, and all the other great folks we met at the Artwalk friday night. Bend was hoppin! Guess I'll have to finish the Blues Cruise Story in few days - I'm heading south to pick up my old buddy Penny Brown and bring him back to Bend. Thanks AJ & Rob. Thanks Penny Oss.

This holiday season is shaping up nicely. New Years could find Dem Ol' Elks on the coast; Parties in November & December, Bend and Coos Bay; Solo @ Tart on Nov. 27th. Jan & March at Scoots in Sisters. Still possible new blues album with Derek Doggett in Portland before the end of the year.....

I'll let y'all know one way of the other. Check my face book and YouTube pages, too.

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