Woke up to a few new inches of the fluffy white stuff...beautiful! Just in time to gather my thoughts for a busy week ahead. I've got 11 shows in the next 12 days. Better get out the Wheaties, Strictly O Coffee and Juice Plus+!

TONIGHT! Monday, 2/27-Astro Lounge @ 7pm

Tuesday, 2/28-Velvet, Downtown Bend @ 5pm...special Happy Hour Show!! Come get happy!

Weds, 2/29-Deschutes Co. Juvenile Detention @ 2pm...my weekly play and talk with the kids. A good day to feed the soul, warm the heart and hopefully help bring someone out of danger. I listen, teach and watch the kids grow with music. Music heals, you know.

Friday & Saturday, 3/2 & 3/3-Eagle Crest, Brassie's Bar @ 7pm...returning to Eagle Crest will be a great weekend with my new friends and old as I take the stage with some special guests.

Sunday, 3/4-Strictly Organic Coffee on Bond, 1:00pm Mmmmmm...I love coffee!

Monday, 3/5-I'm back at the ever-welcoming Astro Lounge on Bond St, downtown Bend, 7pm. Always filled with happy, artistic, music-loving people!

Tuesday, 3/6-Returning to my weekly gig at Velvet on Wall St @ 5pm...it's got to be the happiest happy hour in town!

Weds, 3/7-Hitting the Northside with my solo show @ 7pm...always a fun gig and I'm sure some of my friends will be joining in with their talents. It will be a great show with lots of surprises!

Friday, 3/9-I get to return to Cross Creek Cafe in Redmond @ 6:30pm...Tammy is such a great, warm, welcoming restaurant/pub owner, I feel like I'm going home for some great food and fun, plus I get to play some of my favorite music!

Ok, better get Bessie Mae and Belle all stringed up and ready to hit the snowy streets! Wow, I love my job!!!!!! Hope to see you out there, my friends!


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