Now, you know I don't enter these things unless I am assured that I'm going to win. Nope. heard about the Boston....BOMP! ...Honey, it's not one of those....BOMP! I'm called the...stage manager....and one of the Sobers.....BOMP! ...and everybody got to go.... OK, for those of you less elkly or stonely... : This afternoon I went downtown to try and find Nancy at the aforementioned venue. I walked in and met a couple guys who seemed to be running the place and it felt like I had known them forever. They were a little older than the crowd that lined the streets, some rebelliously dressed, skateboarding rockers, pink hair and nose rings abounding. John Ambrosini, the head man, was the 2nd person in my life so far that told me: "any friend of Henry Vestine is a friend of mine". As a result of our conversation I was (promoted?) from judge to stage manager, and I was given the go ahead to start helping these kids get this metal show going. As the evening progressed, more and more peeps that I knew from somewhere or other kept popping up, and I felt quite at home and accepted. That was good. So, i dutifully did my best and helped in any way I could, plugging and unplugging cords, fetching water, changing mics. What a trip. It occurs to me that this scene has the potential to do what we didn't think hard enough on way back when the Elkhorn Ranch parties began. Because there was nothing like this for 18-21 year olds to do in Coos Bay. So, I am stoked about being asked to help, and maybe even be in the house band...we'll see. Yes, we will. The bands tonight were "Abandon Shore" from Eugene, and two local bands "Lullaby" and "One Dying Breath". Judging wasnt that easy, because they were all good at what they do, and on my sheet it was very close. Tomorrow night there will be more of the same and I'll be there and give you a report. Keep praying and sending positive energy for Tina & family, Shawna, Nubs.....Thanks! Namaste' BL

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