or at least feel it...It doesn't matter if you're driving taxi or serving coffee at a drive-through. When you're done with your workday, even if you're between bands, you have one in your mind, and it never leaves. Yeah, I got a band. Can't you hear it? Do you wanna? We play Rock N Roll. We play The Blues, too. From my knowledge, that's where it came from. That's who's shoulders we are standing on. When I realized I could play the blues, I stopped listening to top-40 radio. Oh, did I date myself? Gee, whiz, Wally. That was an evening in Oxnard, California. Quite a few years back. Bill Heckard and me decided if would be fun to hitch-hike back to Coos Bay from Provo, Utah. We had been at a recording seminar, and were flat-ass tired of school stuff. A big old green duffle bag, way too heavy for carrying, full of books, etc. (Well, I didn't really get the things they were trying to teach, so maybe I would study on my own someday HAHA)...Anyway, not many cars would pick up two young longhaired punks with guitars, so we took a ride in a Volkswagen bus from Utah to L.A. Bill says: Hey, my cousion lives in Oxnard. We can stay there. Right. He wasn't home, so we sat on his porch, and all of a sudden, I started playing the blues. Bill! Listen to this! This is all there is to it! It's the Blues! Wow! Wow! It was coming right out of my guitar, slicker'n a greased-up snake in a hose! From that moment on, I didn't have to worry about music theory, time signatures, math, acoustics or all the other crap they tried to make us learn. It was John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, Jimmy Reed, Robert Johnson.... Now, when I run into a young musician, who honors my presence as I do his, or hers, I feel grateful that somehow, somewhere along the line, the message got through, and will live on and on. Carmen: Don't you worry, little brother, I ain't gonna stop. None of us who understand will stop. We love it. Thanks for letting me story-tell a bit. Namaste' BL

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