Got my mojo workin' - This week wednesday night 7pm (& most wednesdays) at Bond Street Grill, I'll be sitting in with my good friends Scott Foxx & Maggie Jackson at the acoustic jam; Thursday night 8pm (& most thursdays) electric jam at The Northside Bar & Grill; Saturday night 7pm I'll be solo at Bond Street Grill (which is a new-owner venue that is starting to really cook), as well as next Friday, the 18th in a duo with Scott Foxx; Then the new Bobby Lindstrom Band will be at The Riverhouse 9:00 to 12:00 Feb 25-26 for some kick-ass blues and old school Rock - R&B; March 4 and every first friday I'll be solo at Fox's Billiard Lounge 8:30 to 11:30; March 5 at Bond Street Grill 7pm....more in march, will let y'all know! 

p.s. "Bring It On" the new Bobby Lindstrom Album is on hold, while we record ANOTHER Bobby Lindstrom Blues album; also an appearance on Clear 101.7 fm with Dori Donoho Feb 21st at noon. (to be aired a couple days later...will let you know on that, too)

God Bless all of you who have believed in me & our music......Namaste'


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