For me, there's nothing like playing music with Bill Jansen and Mike Carrillo. It's my escape. My space shuttle. My magic carpet. They say you're only as good as your rythym section. I hope I'm close to that. Thanks to all who attended at such short notice. Back in the 80's, A.J. Osborne & me had a 20-minute routine down to get out the door and on the way to the gig. Same kinda thing happened alot throughout my career...Rock N Roll. In spite of all troubles, we'll do our best. Jeff and Colleen Reeves. Jim Peterson. Mark Slaymaker. People I love. Sunny. Annie & Maggie. Keith Topits. Just wanted to mention some names, I never remember them all. It's time to rest and hit the streets tomorrow at 6am. Keep your prayers and positive thoughts going for Tina and Shawna, and also for Tony Video, and don't forget Nubs. Namaste' BL

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