Hello everyone - I'm back in the crows nest, Mike's at home in Coquille, Bill is home in Portland. Our first trip to the east was a blast! We left Ohio at noon on sunday and arrived in Portland at my brodder Yorgi's place mid-morning on tuesday. He has got the best coffee machine - *Thanks Marty! .....and combined with some very special beans mixed by Brother Bear (Yellow Springs, OH)....mmmmm! Oh, can you tell I am a coffee FREEK? Just a core sample of the stories: Yorgi and me shared the driving duties and took turns resting while Sven kept a soulful ever-vigilant "Hey, are you makin' it?" attitude and the bugs off the windshield responsibility, consulting the all-powerful sometimes confused global position system along with internet-guided reports from his son Luke on the weather across the Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming storm belt. We saw a thousand lightning strikes, a million fireflies, *(which by the way after they splat on the windshield, the guts still shine awhile), also raindrops as big as golf balls blown by super powered wind gusts (missed the actual tornados) hail, fog, semis pulling off the road, well-intending locals trying to improve our parking techniques as we borrowed power from unsuspecting gas stops in order to brew coffee; Thanking the big kahuna for the old gas pumps in Anita, Nebraska, the availability of fix-a-flat in Bliss...hmmm can't remember what state that was.....the big storm in Rockford that began precisely on the 2nd verse of our first song at the fireworks and music festival, running everyone either into the band/keg area, or completely out of the place....(of course we kept playing - sheesh), Roger Ricketts plan to still put in 300 acres of soybeans this spring, while Roadhead, Pokenhope and Rick Ringdon awaited the possible appearance of some Stevie Ray Vaughn on the banjuitar.....who's got the bug spray?? Anyway, folks, lets just say the peeps for the most part had never heard the likes of Dem ol' Elks....who are those guys? 

Thanks to Charlie's Throttle Stop - Sonny Moorman (what a jewel), Charlie Henry, Willie D, Dave, the beautiful waitresses and new fans and friends we made from Sturgeon Bay to Cincinatti. Look for the upcoming new album by Sonny on Intrepid Artists label....Thanks to Brother Bear and the folks in Yellow Springs; Check our our new friend Tallan Noble Latz, the 10 year old guitar wizard from ELKHORN, Wisconsin, and if you catch what looks linda like a big fat tuna around there, don't fret, it's probably a salmon. That's the story we got, I saw one on the wall at the Grey Castle!

I gotta take a few breaths and clean up a bit.... Will try to find time to get pics up here, but in the meantime you can check out my facebook page. It's so much quicker for me. (link on home page here) We got more rockin' to do! Namaste'


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