It must have been meant to be. Last night when I arrived, Libby Harrison and Tom Beckstrom were vibin' and pickin' some kinda good stuff, and I learned where some of my licks came from. I never realized Jazz had influenced me at all. It was through the Blues, but definitely jazz..hmmm. Cool. I invited them to stick around and sit in, but there was a party at the beach or someplace, and they were head down, fingers back to it...Dale Innskeep & Co. I believe. Whom, through the grapevine I hear are playing Stray Katz this coming weekend, and a good friend of mine and excellent slide player, Mark Slaymaker is performing with them. Cool. But, back to last night. How often do you find the following lineup in the same place: Cecilia (MS. Harmonica); Sue Peavy; Brian Smith w/Paula; Spike Vaughn; Garse & Shawna; Bill Jansen & Lisa Peck; Richard McCarty; Doro & ummm...cant remember his name...other half; Jarad (Suzie Price's kid, God rest her soul) You see what I mean. The music was what the music is. Rockin'. I will try and get some pics somehow.Thanks J.P. & June, and thanks for the fish tacos..YUM.. I could go on now, but will choose to get smaller and simpler and take care of myself. I'm workin' on something for this coming weekend while Garse is still in Coos County. And don't forget to keep sending positive energy and prayers for Shawna. Miss ya Sally. Namaste' BL

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