Hey everyone - Since my last entry: Joe Pepper and the Lakesdie Crawdaddy Festival was kick ass. CHARLIE FREAK was smokin. Good job Earl, Bill, Garse, Chumley, Roy and last but not least Tony! Furthermore, Elkhorn alumni guitarist DAVE BOCK and Kelly Tibideaux's ETOUFFEE (Mo McConnell bass, and don't know the drummers name) were kickin' as always....and ELKHORN EXPRESS was joined sunday by T-Bone Stone, David Randall Ford, and Stevie Ray Mays....also Nancy McIntosh & Mz Harmonica graced us some hot blues.....what a great time we had, no hefferdust! Thanks everyone! Tuesdays "BLUESDAY NIGHT JAM" at Joe's Honky Tonk turned out to be one of my best performances as of late. Musta been the hot dog pizza......and Fridays' acoustic jam at Java Jones was as good as it gets by the end of the night. "Dear Mr. Fantasy" became "Hey Jude" before our very ears, as the whole place shook with LOVE. I'll get some more pix up as soon as I can, maybe later today. AND.....tonight we're going to Bandon and give our very best support to Mr. Stevie Ray Mays, Michael Carrillo and John Chamberlin @ Frasers. 

Good things are coming.....Namaste'


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