I wanna thank everyone who attended the friday open mic at Java Jones - I don't know why it surprised me to have such great vibes there again, cuz it always seems to be that way, BUT it was a first of sorts for me. Robert Twitty, our video guy was sure me and Jared had been rehearsing between fridays. The fact is, the kid is jumping right in the middle of blues guitar playing, and the show friday was largely comprised of me teaching Jared what's going on blues-wise, as we played the songs, and everyone in the room was right in the middle of every note with us. That was the show. Between songs everyone contributed comments and feelings, and we tried to adjust to the group conscience, and went right ahead on 'er. I'm looking forward up the road a ways when the young Mr. Jared Gordon starts smokin'. Keep an ear open. By the way, I've got video of the last two fridays and some good stuff on it, BUT....you know my computer mentor is Fred Flintstone....'nuff said. Will do my best to get some up when I can. Also...I heard through the grapevine Alexius Harris made the first round cut for "America's Got Talent"...so lets give her all our support, folks. Alexius - you GO girl! Namaste' BL

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