OK - Last weekend was a trip through the past sorta for me. Spike and me played the Coquille Elks friday night and had a great time. Happy Birthday, Brianna! The last time I played that room was with Fairfax Ascention. (Just the other day).... Saturday night I was graciously invited to have dinner up Daniels Creek with some of my favorite peeps. Whitewater Wally and me got to jam and yak and yak and jam. Next time, we're going to play more of your songs, Wally. Now: Elks @ The Spot this saturday night during the Cruz The Coos, Fun Festival in Coos Bay. It's the old JC Penny building, k? VVRROOOOMMM!! Namaste' BL P.S. Where's Crawdaddy? Where's Nicco? Where's Tomo? And finally, how are Shawna, Nubs, Tina, Paul and Bryce...? AND....how did Coop and Garse do this last weekend?

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