Greetings everybody - I'm back in my little portable crows nest, letting this past wonderful weekend settle into my conciousness. Sharon and I hit Portland in the afternoon on saturday, unloaded and freshened up (thanks Adrian & Erin)...... found our way to Gabriel Park & a dozen or so close friends shared in John Dooley and Trish Rigdons marriage, I was honored to play a few songs, then to dinner and after attended the Jamorama at the White Eagle, David Jester and his video camera leading the way.... Do you remember Mr. Lucky and The Gamblers? hmmmm...whippersnappers? Met a young guitarist named Derek Doggett, watch for him. Sunday we went to the best dinner at Sharons relatives place east of town (thanks Lee, Lori & family) then sunday night met Troy Thornton at the Trails End Saloon Blues Jam hosted by great local bassist David Kahl, Vince Adama drums, and Derek popped in again; Home today - I tell ya we're doing something right - It seemed like a week away from home, but it was really only a couple days...I thank God for guiding and protecting us..... hopefully will get some more pix up soon...I'm happily tired, hope you are all well! Namaste' BL

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