Good Morning All Our Sunshines! It's now almost 10pm in Naches, and another 100 degree day has been survived, and even celebrated! The news is we're playing The Woodshed this Saturday, in Eagle Rock. This changed Garses plans to go to Portland at the very last minute. He was gonna go be with Shawna and Ronnie, her dog who is a veteran road dog of the Bobby Lindstrom Band Tour '06, and was diagnosed with tumors recently. We're trying to get some K9 Noni to them. If you didn't know already, John and me are both distributors for this healing, magical stuff that (is mentioned in the Bible in Revelations) the whole band is drinking now, and you can check it out at or go directly to my Noni site at: or from John Dooley's site at Noni: So ANYWAY, Garse is staying with the troops and Rockin' Ernie's Woodshed.....Gonna be HOT, no doubt about it. Tomorrow Cooper is supposed to get my McIntosh in the bus hooked up, then we hope to be updating things on this site a lot faster, at least while we're here in Naches. No new pix today, cuz this computer has the ss-ss-ll-ll-o-o-o-www-sss. You folks know I will post our gigs as soon as they come. Funny thing, is they wait til the last second sometimes. Good thing I'm still crazy or this would drive me to where I already am??? Does that make sense? OK, OK, I'll stop that now. G'night and Namaste' Bobby Geetar Lindstrom

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