Love my coffee. Love my tea. Love my woman but she dont love me. *Pine Top Perkins Hope all my friends and fans are hangin' in there in these tough times. Could get worse. Could always get worse...but I'm thinkin' it'll get mo bettah. I didn't get to the guestbook entries this week, so if you signed it, you gotta wait. Notes: Lullaby will be on the bill along with Two Leg Lucy and of course Elkhorn for Friday the 13th @ The Green Spot, where a bar has been added and all ages are still welcome. They've also been serving lunch, and I bet it's good. Me and Penny Brown are hangin' in there, and we send our love...meow..prrrrr..... and..just put in a call to Dave Ford to see if he's free to join us Elks this coming friday. Will let you know. Namaste' BL

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