Another interesting day for sure. Got a postcard from Brian Smith from Monaco or some exotic locale! Brian, You Rock my friend! Will save you a CD! Hey, eat some French..ummm...(food?) for me! Jammed last night at the Timber Inn. Got to show my buddies the BUS!! Good music too. Will post some pics maybe when I get a chance. Took off tonight in the bus, and drove out to the ocean in the rain. Gotta get them wipers worked on tomorrow. It makes me feel kinda like a big bully on the road! People seem to give ya plenty of space. Called "Johnson" (Dave Bock) tonight. (Etouffe, Mr. Wizard, Elkhorn) If you never heard Kelly Tibideaux play fiddle, you owe it to yourself to hunt Etouffe down. (Not to mention Bock's ever-impressive guitar work) and the rest of them too. Mo! yep! I been makin' CDs for the first WAITING FOR THE BUS CD release and JAM tomorrow night. Rogers Zoo. 8-12 (or 1) 5$ Also WIN thirty bucks if you buy the "Rainbow" CD.... Players will include Tomo Tsurumi, David Randall Ford, Mike Carrillo, Brian "Crawdaddy" Crawford, Dan Kashola, Jona Arts, Stephan Diggle, John Chamberlin, OHHH YEAH! Almost forgot to mention Christine Jones all the way from England. Friend of the late great Michael Barney Smith. Michaels widow Dawn threw a party tonight in Bandon and we hollered back and forth on the "telly"... Christine was manager of the Yacht Club in San Francisco when Clarence Clemmens jammed with our band! (The Buix).... Dont even think about it, folks. THESE are the good old days! Love to all and Namaste' BL

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