Last evenings open mic jam was a lot of fun. Accompanied by Shawna Griswold.... Michael Carrillo (cajon), Tony Callendrino (bongos) and Dave Ford (acoustic guitar) came early and joined me, and it seems every time gets better. The low-volume harmonies sounded so good to me. Thanks, my friends! Also, Jared Gordon graced us again with his good energy, and Joel....can't remember his last name, but....thanks. bro.... Tomorrow morning I will be performing for Valentines Day from 10am - 1pm @ Java Jones...... I'm taking a little time today to see what all I have neglected in the past week. I played 7 gigs in 7 days, and will do 3 more gigs this week. Think I'm gonna need some help keeping up with the reporting, updating, promo, booking and six-string brain feels like Fred Flintstone driving the Enterprise......Wiiiiillllmmmaaaaa!!?? (chuckle) BTW, all is well in the crows nest..... Namaste' BL

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