Hey everyone! I made it back to Burney through a cloud of smoke from the fires here in northern California. One is 15 miles from us. There are firefighters from as far away as Bakersfield and all over, probably from Oregon, too. I'm not sure. They've set up a supply station at the Burney Elementary School which is right across the street from AJ & Robs where I'm staying, so there's a lot of activity here. I'm getting more CDs made, and will be heading back to Coos Bay soon. Cindy Miller is helping me and I'll be playing acoustic at the wednesday farmers Market in Coos Bay on the 12th and maybe again on the 19th...actually they run it through October, so just look around and you might find me. Mister Michael Carrillo has been gigging alot with several bands around there, and as always, I'm hoping to hook up with "The Garse" again. *Check "Charlie Freak" on Myspace*. It sounds like The Elkhorn Express will be doing the Funfest again this year, so I'll try and keep you informed. In the meantime, Fairfax Lives! For those of you old enough to remember, I know some of the memories could be faded, so on August 16th @ 2pm in Laverne Park, you will be refreshed. Big thanks to all involved, especially Bill Harsh who got us the rehearsal space at Star Of Hope in Empire. I cant say enough about these old friends of mine in Fairfax. It started the very first time I took LSD. Me and Dave Sheldon. Black Flats. (dave told me: "remember, if we get too high, just drink a lot of really strong black coffee") Well of course that didn't work....anyway, we went to see Fairfax rehearsing for the after game dance at North Bend High Multipurpose room. "Hooked On A Feeling" pretty much says it. The black and white tile floor was almost impossible to navigate, as the black ones stuck up several feet higher than the white ones, but I made it to the stage where Sam, Bill, Dave and Joe were working their magic, responding to Joes request for me to play In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on the bass so he could go out and listen from the front. The neck of the bass melted in my hand. Just thought you might like to know. We dropped again the next night and nothing happened. hmmmm...

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