Well, hello again! Yesterdays launch to Eugene reminded me of the days of Donna King in California when we had the 20-minute rock n roll fire drill down to a tee. Charlie Freak and Bobby Lindstrom are both members of The Rainy Day Blues Society in Eugene, but the real story lies in the music, of course. I'll shorten this up and just say the Coos bay area was well-represented at the veterans building (Macs) and the Paul-Biondi led jam session at Diablos. Included in the festivities were many old friends and many new ones, too: Gaye Lee Russell; T-Bone Stone; Chris Ward; Lynda Duffy; Eagle Park Slim; Terry Taylor....I'll have to get you a more complete list..... Willie Nicholas...ok....I'll be back later. It was a large night with many shiny distractions, but like I say, the music was the real story....Namaste'


p.s. Yeah!

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