Hey people! I got some pix and videos up from the New Years Eve gig. The vids are dark, I know, but you can see enough to know we're alive and kickin' anyway. It was one of those nights where everything seemed to line up and flow like magic. My guitar even fed back perfectly when I layed it on the floor at midnight for the ceremonies. Click links on Homepage. Then, Shawna's survival party on saturday reaffirmed the spirit of the new decade. Sooo many local musicians, such good food and a lotta love. I think Garse played with about 4-5 bands, and sang his little pea-pickin' heart out. Bigfoot, Stone Soup, Black Halo, Charlie Freak, and Mr. Entertainment Rick Speaks all together rocked the house good. I even saw Rob Allison from Silverhawk. You could look in any corner of the Broadway Rock Hall, and for every 6 people, there was 5 musicians from 3-4 different bands. That is togetherness! I got a bunch of pix, but haven't had time to get them on the site yet. Soon I will. As the energy from the last couple of weeks morphs into a forward motion for the new decade, many things are sprouting up for me. Good things. Gigs. Travel. A new production company. New equipment, songs and paths to walk. Plans to see and meet more of America. This month I might be flying to the east for a look-see. Intertwined with a big birthday gig here in Coos Bay on the 16th, and a couple of nights in Seattle, the 15th & 28th, to hook up respectively with Studebaker John and Mz.Dee @ the Hwy 99 Club. Much more coming, folks. God bless us all. Oh, and some pix from the Crows Nest also on deck, and don't forget there is now a blog page here if you feel like sharing. Namaste' BL

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