Last weekend and Monday were LARGE for me. Excellent gigs and people! Cranberry Festival, Cycling Festival, and best of all Hurricane Katrina Victim Relief Concert...YEAH! I'm still amazed. Now, I want to do something I have been thinking about. A "Thank You" list: Reverend John Lloyd, Danny Kashola, Wendy Diggle, Vinnie Cavarra, Jack Richards, Robin Richards, Majors Cliff and Susan Jones, Paul Biondi, Mike and Teresa Reaves, Brian "Crawdaddy" Crawford, Mayor Rick Wetherell, Greg Young and The Oregon Coast Lab Band, Mike of MJs Video, Dan Smith, John Gretzinger, Harry and Holly Stamper, Jona Arts, Bill Bartels, Brian Bryan, Randy Jaworsky, Roy Eikamp, John Chamberlin, Scott Cook, Richard Bacon, Stephan Diggle, Dave Andrist, Darren Sherley, Andy Piburn, Richard Pennington, Les Engle, Fred Corbett and The Young Bucs, Carol Anne Kelley, Janet Bates and The Instruments of Change, Paul Weddle, Mike Carrillo, David Randall Ford, John Salzado, Tomo Tsurumi, Charlie Schwartz, Tim "Bone" Watson-Williams, Danny Mack, John Morris, Bob Parks, Amber and (Melissa?) from KCBY TV, and the man who made the first call: Rick Cortland from The World newspaper. (I know there are more, but if the 60's and 70's didn't get ya, the 80's and 90's did.) Nicco and Thiago - We miss you. Now - I'm bashing heads with my printer to finish duping Bill Bartels CDs, and looking forward to Reno again. Love to you all - Namaste' BL P.S. If it wasn't so frustrating "Waiting For The Bus", I would go into detail about how screwy and full of "vinegar and something else" (quote:Bud Lindstrom) these loan companies can be. MAN, this one's taking a long time! There's a LOT of "Heifer-dust" (Vic Lindstrom) in this old world.

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