Nope, fingers aren't crippled; Mac's fine; Sittin' up here on the hill above Murray's camp at Mike & Chrissy Gross' place - hoping I can get some pix up on here from the disk of BLUZ AT THE BEND gig last weekend in Spokane. By the way, thanks for hangin' in and all the encouragement. Tonight we'll be at Pair-A-Dice Bar; Tomorrow night at Boondoggler's, then heading for Rawlins, WY on sunday, hopefully ahead of any adverse weather..... The Bluz At The Bend was a packed house, no place to park for blocks, and flat ROCKED! Thanks Larry, Sid, Dave, Laura, Herman and all you wonderful peeps we met there. We'll be back. In the meantime, Dooley's been U-Haulin' to Naches & back again, gathering our stuff, and the troops are ready for most anything now. Like Garse says; BRING IT.

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