Hey gang! It's a beautiful day on the Oregon coast. Not much goin' on around here, they say, but plenty enough for me. Sittin' here, just me and Murray. I went downtown yesterday, put a chincy ten bucks worth of gas in the Merc, and went to the library and did my email stuff, so your guestbook entries from the last couple weeks are up now. Thanks for the input. I am actually honored to have people like the Crawdaddys, the Garses, Jamis, Lisas, Brets and the rest of you communicating here. I, like many of us, am still learning just who the heck I am and what we're all doin'. I know that I sometimes get chosen to be a transmitter for music, and so I try my best to be at least OK, alive and well for those times. Happy birthday Jami. I hear a crow outside. They have followed me from Grannys, I'm sure. Autumn is here, winter is coming, "in my life I love you more" See? Even now John Lennon is with us. I am in this mood because I was checking the stats from this site, and when I got to all the different countries that are viewing, I just had to share them with you all. (Y'all) Here's a partial list from this month: Germany; Russian Federation; Moldova, Republic of; Brazil; Japan; Mexico; Argentina; United Kingdom; Educational (edu); China; Non-Profit Organization (org); Australia; Lithuania; Saudi Arabia; Finland; Ukraine; France; India; Bulgaria; Latvia; US Government (gov); Jordan; Italy; Netherlands; Taiwan; Czech Republic; Business (biz); Estonia; Norway; Hungary; Canada; Korea (South); United States; Belgium; Colombia; Pakistan; Poland; Sweden; Romania; Seychelles; Slovenia; Denmark; Spain; Greece; Turkey; Hong Kong; Thailand; Tonga; Tuvalu; Philippines; South Africa; Old style Arpanet (arpa); Austria; Belarus; Switzerland; Europe Region; Honduras; Ireland; Israel; Slovak Republic; United Arab Emirates; Angola; Chile; Croatia (Hrvatska); Indonesia; Mozambique; Nicaragua; Portugal; Tajikistan; Sooooo- You can all say hello to your friends and families that might be in any of these places around the world. Have fun. Namaste' BL

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