Hey everyone - Margarette & me went to a meeting and made some new friends last night in Burney. Cool. Royce, Frank & cant quite remember his wifes name...sorry..; Sue, Bo; Jeanette, Mike, Gwen, Matt...and two more... Also, special thanks to Jeremy for the listening and critique. Glad your kid likes the music. Those little ones are the best judges. I cleaned up a little early this morning around the shed. The roof is done. Gonna load up some CDs and guitars and hit the proverbial sometimes magical sometimes hard and unforgiving road. Hello to Rick in Caldwell. Tony: Healing be yours! We all love ya. Joe McCarthy: Did you talk to your friend about making an appearance at the "Coates In The Kitchen" sessions? Good! John & Trish & Jami: Will get something to you soon. Sven - Yorgi - See you soon. Allrightythen. Lets ROCK! Namaste' BL p.s. Frank & Matt - Gimme a call and I'll help you find some good places for ATV in Coos County.

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