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Bobby Lindstrom: NEWS

20th Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise - February 11, 2013

Greetings friends, fans, families and peers! Bobby has hit the ground running again. In the real world, the gigs never stop, and we hope you love music as much as we think you do! In January - the 20th Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise found Bobby & Sharon hanging out with the likes of Taj Mahal, Mavis Staples, Rod Piazza, and many more elite Blues people, refueling spirits and bringing it back to Central Oregon, sporting Rasta beads in hair braids for authenticity. This year is already shaping up to be a very good and busy one. Check the calendar page for dates! Love to all.

Happy Holidays All You Believers! - December 16, 2012

Greetings and cheer! 2012 has been a wonderful and exciting time for us, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your support! Over 200 gigs this past year make a statement for music and musician alike, and the path ahead keeps opening. We released 2 fine albums this year, "Between A Rock And A Blue Spot" and "Let It Fly"; And a total of 4 since 2010. The lastest version of The Bobby Lindstrom Band filmed/recorded at what was a fantastic homecoming for Bobby at Coos Bays Mingus Park, and there is a possibility a DVD could result in 2013.

The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise leaves Florida in January this year, and Bobby & Sharon will be on it, touring the Carribeean with one of Bobbys "Idols" - Taj Mahal. Back in central Oregon, i.e. Bend: Bobby will resume his sometimes grueling schedule, saying farewell to Taylors Sausage, the long time steady weekly open mic/acoustic jam on Wednesdays, and start off 2013 with a weekly acoustic show with his "lil brudder" Derek Michael Marc on Tuesdays at the popular venue The Northside Bar & Grill....also Kelly D's on some Thursdays, and Astro Lounge other Thursdays...Look for Bobby around Bend, he'll be carrying the torch still...... God Bless!

p.s. December 28 @ Kelly D's - check calendar page for updates!

FALL IS IN THE AIR - October 15, 2012

Watch for new shows and our upcoming tour dates...

Also, please be patient...the website will be undergoing some changes.

But after a little downtime in October, Bobby will be back at it, playing music at your favorite venue and festival.

Thank you so much for your support!!

RRRAAWWWKKK! - August 13, 2012

Hey gang I see I haven't made an entry for awhile, so just to update:

--->Yesterday I celebrated two years in Central Oregon! Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me so warmly, and those still welcoming me. I haven't met you all. Yet.

--->Gary Flaherty and I will be tripping to Colorado this week for a concert with Jimmy Thackery, Lionel Young; also a gig at The Ghost Ranch, another at Hahns Peak Roadhouse and maybe a few in between. We will return the 27th and hit the ground running again.

--->Wednesday the 29th: Juvey & Taylor'sDeli AndPub open mic / jam;

--->Thursday 30th: Faith Hope & Charity Vinyard;

--->Friday-Saturday-Sunday: me n mabebbe will travel to the coast for the annual Lone Pine Ranch party, where ELKHORN will be re-united for some old-school kickass Rock N Roll. Michael Carrillo, Bill Jansen, Dave Bock and myself....[aka Nonson, Johnson, Shmonson and Garseeya]
It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock N Roll.

Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - July 10, 2012

For those about to rock, we salute you! Being a baby of the Blues and having lived through my own hell plays out what wisdom I have heard about silver lining and gifts after adversities to be true, to wit, I only briefly imagined how really scrumptious life can be. The business of music could be completely insane if for one moment I was to think of myself as the Source instead of a transmitter. For all the souls that hear music - present, past and future, I suit up and show up; For all the wrongs I have done, I feed the positive. For all who have broken this trail I walk, I am grateful, humbled and willing to carry on until the dream comes true. Thank you every one.

By the end of June this year I had played 127 gigs in half a year. That's about two out of every three days. A good pace methinks. Whatever we think of a Higher Power, whatever name we try and tag it with, I am Blessed by it, seemingly more than I deserve, so sharing my gift comes easily. It's the least I can do. I look forward with joy to every chance to perform again and again.

Thanks to my woman for believing in me, my family and friends for accepting me, and my dog for showing me how to act.

This summer will be hot - And along with many Central Oregon engagements, I'll be in Salem for Good Vibrations Bike Rally with The Bobby Lindstrom Band; Clark, Colorado with the great Jimmy Thackery & Lionel Young also @ Hans Peak Roadhouse; Back in Coos County at Lone Pine Ranch with Elkhorn featuring Dave Bock; Also tentatively a concert in September in my hometown Coos Bay for Music On The Bay at Mingus Park, to name a few... Stay tuned all you believers!

Namaste' BL

Check out Facebook, Reverb Nation, CD Baby and the Calendar page on this site!

JUNE BUGS! - June 10, 2012

Can you believe it's June already???  The year is flying by and the music is everywhere! Bobby has played over 100+ gigs already and is starting off the summer with a bang. His regular Wednesday night Open Mic/Jam at Taylor's Deli & Pub has become a fun gathering of great musicians and friends. He has pickup up some new venues as well as some favorite summer spots and patios so you can listen to some great Bobby Lindstrom music just about anywhere/anytime!. Check out the Calendar for the most recent updates!

Bend is bursting with outdoor events lining up this summer, from the outdoor festivals to the new clubs. All is well in music land, keep an eye on this guy. Our blues CD "Between A Rock and a Blue Spot" is flying off the shelves, becoming a favorite everywhere! Plus, we just found out that a new CD of Bobby's originals is in the works too! That will make it 4 in the last 4 years! This guy is a writing fool!

We're still getting the Blues CD on CD Baby, but if you want one now, just drop us a line and we will ship out right away. Plus, Bobby always has a supply on hand. You will NOT be disappointed!

See you out and sure to stop and say hi!

Bobby & Sharon

Springtime: It's Still Rock N Roll To Me - May 17, 2012

Greetings from beautiful Central Oregon to all -

Bobby has been the busiest, hardest working man on the music scene in central Oregon this year - chalking up a hundred performances thus far. We want to thank everyone for their support of this rising star! It's only getting better as the rest of the year unfolds, with dozens of gigs in dozens of different venues locally, and a trip to Colorado in August for some shows with some world class musicians. Details will be posted as they come.

Here's a few links to check out

Also look for the world wide release of "Between A Rock And A Blue Spot" coming very soon!

The Momentum Of The Music - May 4, 2012

Hello ALL YOU BELIEVERS! Bobbys schedule pace (*88 gigs this year so far) has carried into May starting with Velvet Lounge May 1st, Northside May 2nd, Cross Creek Cafe May 4th, Checkers Pub w/Animal And The Smokin' Aces on the 5th; Every Wednesday from 2-4 inside Deschutes County Juvenile Detention for the 12-17 year olds; Taylors Sausage and Deli every Wednesday from 6-9 hosting the Open Mic / Jam, Ted Nelsons' Studio Concepts Mixer party the 10th, Kelly D's Irish Pub the 11th w/BLB; Crave Eclectic Dining the 12th, The Bend Chamber Of Commerce Annual SAGE AWARDS @ The Riverhouse Convention Center Ballroom on the 14th, a mid-month trip to the coast, and back to Central Oregon for the last two weeks of May. Fox's Billiard Lounge, Checkers Pub........His obvious talent for "playing well with others" is evident: from solo all by his lonesome (HA!) to sharing stages with The Bobby Lindstrom Band, i.e. Scott Wyatt, Jeff Leslie & Scott Foxx; Ed Sharlet, Chris Nowak, Bob Akers, Derek Michael Marc (lil brother), Larry Ramos, Pete Michaels, Hilst & Coffee, Mark Quon and many more.

Rock N Roll LIVES, thanks to its mama: The Blues!

p.s. The new CD will be available here soon! Also BLB flashing beverage cups, and mini-flashlights (free with purchase) of the highly-acclaimed "Between A Rock And A Blue Spot" CD


Coming off two weeks of PACKED HOUSES in Bend: i.e. The Northside, Velvet, Taylors, Kelly D's (w/The Rock Hounds), and Velvet AGAIN, Bobby and his cohorts are keeping the musical flame HOT!

This week Velvets growing crowd welcomes Bobby again Tuesday for Happy Hour 5pm til late, with Ed Sharlet and Chris Nowak riding shotgun;

Wednesday the trio splits up with Chris hosting the Taylors Open Mic/Jam, and Bobby & Ed romancing the Loft;

This Thursday Sharon returns from her well-deserved vacation in Mexico, and Friday we head over the hill to the coast for an honorable memorial for the late Jim Peterson of Burning Man / Tuna Guys fame at Bastendorf Beach. What else would we be doing? Catch us when you can for more Cosmic Surfing!

Have a fantastic week! You deserve it.

Sharon & Bobby


Good morning out there in musicland! We are so excited for another week in beautiful Bend this weekend we are releasing our new Blues CD "Between a Rock and a Blue Spot" at The Northside Bar & Grill Fri/Sat. Music begins at 8:30pm both nights, with lots of fun musician guests sitting in. It's gonna RAWK!

Today, Tuesday, we travel down to The Old Mill shopping district at 3:00pm for Ben & Jerry's Free Scoop Day...come on down for music and ice cream!

Velvet's Happy Hour is next on tap, as it is every Tuesday at 5:00pm, join us in a relaxing, music filled setting while you enjoy a little break after work or play.

Wednesday's Open Mic/Jam at Taylor's (6:00pm) is becoming a fun musical gathering for those needing a little mid-week music infusion..bring your instruments and voices and join in, we have way too much fun!

Which brings us to the weekend, don't miss the fun, come on out to The Northside for some great music and dancing...the blues is gonna get ya!

Have a beautiful week out there...Sharon & Bobby


Well, it's the last week in March already, and another busy one! I am blessed to live in such a great musical community with some of the best venues ever! Great restaurants, bars and gathering places all appreciating my, I am one happy guy!

So this week begins Tuesday @ VELVET LOUNGE, Happy Hour 5:00pm until ? Velvet is becoming one very hot spot and my music seems to fit in very well..thank you Velvet and all my new fans and friends!

Wednesday is my day at the Deschutes Co. Juvenile Detention, 2:00pm where I get to talk to the kids, share my experiences, play some music and see how their lives are treating them. It's always so rewarding for both me and the kids!

Wednesday at 5:00pm is my new acoustic jam, open mic at TAYLOR'S SAUSAGE DELI & PUB. Bring your instruments and voices and join me for this new venture!

Thursday I'm playing with the The Rock Hounds at KELLY D'S IRISH SPORTS BAR, 7:00pm. We'll be doing some classic rock, some blues and having a blast. Come on down, they have some great food, too!

Friday & Saturday, The Bobby Lindstrom Band travels south to Sunriver and CIRCLE 8 PUB. Music starts at 9:00pm and promises to be a rockin' good time. Spring Break will be in full force down there, so we're gonna have some FUN!!

Sunday is my day of rest, so I'll be resting at STRICTLY ORGANIC COFFEE on Bond St, downtown Bend beginning at 1:00pm. Always a fun gig, with the hustle bustle of downtown Sunday in one of the greatest coffee shops in town!

Thank you for supporting local live music, hope to see you out there. Be sure and stop by and visit with me, I love meeting new music lovers!! Plus, I always have some great CD's of my own music for sale!!



Good Morning Weekend! - March 16, 2012

Another great day in Central Oregon...had an amazing lineup of musicians at The Northside Jam last night. It's always fun to get on stage with my friends and colleagues, besides...they are so talented and it's fun!

This weekend proposes to be another fun time, beginning tonight at Taylor's Sausage Deli & Pub. We start at 5:00pm so the happy hour turns into dinner hour turns into fun hour! Come on down for a few hours of simply great music and great times!

Saturday we go to Redmond and the beautiful Crave Restaurant, where I get to play in a wonderful atmosphere of amazing aromas from their kitchen and always a fun crowd. My beautiful Breedlove guitar Belle and I always have a great time there...good music, mmmmmm!

Sunday is usually my day of rest between the notes, but my friends at Unity Church asked me to play a few songs for their gathering. Such great people and I never pass up a chance to share my gifts.

More and peace to all!


Snowy Monday in Bend - February 27, 2012

Woke up to a few new inches of the fluffy white stuff...beautiful! Just in time to gather my thoughts for a busy week ahead. I've got 11 shows in the next 12 days. Better get out the Wheaties, Strictly O Coffee and Juice Plus+!

TONIGHT! Monday, 2/27-Astro Lounge @ 7pm

Tuesday, 2/28-Velvet, Downtown Bend @ 5pm...special Happy Hour Show!! Come get happy!

Weds, 2/29-Deschutes Co. Juvenile Detention @ weekly play and talk with the kids. A good day to feed the soul, warm the heart and hopefully help bring someone out of danger. I listen, teach and watch the kids grow with music. Music heals, you know.

Friday & Saturday, 3/2 & 3/3-Eagle Crest, Brassie's Bar @ 7pm...returning to Eagle Crest will be a great weekend with my new friends and old as I take the stage with some special guests.

Sunday, 3/4-Strictly Organic Coffee on Bond, 1:00pm Mmmmmm...I love coffee!

Monday, 3/5-I'm back at the ever-welcoming Astro Lounge on Bond St, downtown Bend, 7pm. Always filled with happy, artistic, music-loving people!

Tuesday, 3/6-Returning to my weekly gig at Velvet on Wall St @'s got to be the happiest happy hour in town!

Weds, 3/7-Hitting the Northside with my solo show @ 7pm...always a fun gig and I'm sure some of my friends will be joining in with their talents. It will be a great show with lots of surprises!

Friday, 3/9-I get to return to Cross Creek Cafe in Redmond @ 6:30pm...Tammy is such a great, warm, welcoming restaurant/pub owner, I feel like I'm going home for some great food and fun, plus I get to play some of my favorite music!

Ok, better get Bessie Mae and Belle all stringed up and ready to hit the snowy streets! Wow, I love my job!!!!!! Hope to see you out there, my friends!


Bobby and Sharon

Weekend Comin' On! - February 17, 2012

Yes, it's FRIDAY!!! That means Bobby is ready to play some music! We have had a great week, Valentine's Day, Sharon's Birthday, just all-around good February fun. Plus, Bend has been having some of the nicest winter weather...certainly not the harshest winter we have had. And it looks like another sunny day ahead.

TONIGHT: Bobby is joined by Jeff Leslie and his array of guitars and the talented hands that go with them, Scott Wyatt on his vivacious drum set, big smile and smooth vocals and Bob Akers, former bassist with The Rightous Brothers, on his gorgeous (and busy) 5 string bass. They are at KELLY D'S IRISH SPORTS BAR from 8:00pm-11:00pm. This will be a great night of fun music, killer solos from everybody, blues, rock, just about everthing to keep you happy! Kelly D's is a great (green) place with lottery games, great food and grog. Come on down!

SATURDAY: Bobby joins his pals Animal (Larry Ramos) and Pete Michaels in Redmond at CHECKERS PUB for a raucous show called Animal and the Smokin' Aces. I better grab my camera cuz this show will be one not to miss! Lots of good blues, rock and some old favorites thrown in. Checkers has become a regular hot spot for locals and visitors alike...good food and FUN!!! Come on in...7:30pm downbeat!

We are truly blessed to have such great friends and family! Bend has given us the opportunity to do what we love, play music and entertain people of all walks of life. Thank you for supporting live music!!


Bobby and Sharon

Calling All Sweethearts! - February 10, 2012

TONIGHT AND SATURDAY...The Bobby Lindstrom Band will be in Sunriver, Oregon at Circle '8' Pub, come on down and boogie with us. We'll be rockin as usual at this fun venue!

SUNDAY, I'm back at Strictly Organic Coffee doin my solo thing from 1:00pm-3:00pm so come on in for some great coffee and great music!

TUESDAY, it's Valentine's Day and I'll be singing for my sweetie at Kelly D's Irish Pub. They're having a wonderful special menu and the atmosphere is perfect for dinner and music! Plus guys, there are lots of tv screens with your latest sports so you can feel home!! Make your reservations today at Kelly D's.

Check back for more news and many more gigs coming up, I am so fortunate to be in Bend-great people, great town...and the gigs, they just keep coming...and so on, and so on, and so on!


Sharon and Bobby

HELLO FEBRUARY! - January 30, 2012

HELLO ALL YOU BELIEVERS! What a great month January was, a great welcome back to Bend was met by playing lots of gigs! I've acquired some new venues and new times to add to my CALENDAR so more of my new friends and music lovers will be able to catch a show. Thank you all for supporting live music!

Be sure and click on CALENDAR DATES to keep updated as to where we will be playing next!


Tuesday, Jan 31: VELVET BEND, 805 NW Wall St, Downtown Bend - Every Tuesday Happy Hour Show, 5:00pm-7:00pm. No cover 21+

Weds, Feb 1:  THE NORTHSIDE BAR & GRILL, 62860 Boyd Acres Rd, Bend - 7:00-9:00PM, ANIMAL & THE SMOKIN' ACES featuring BOBBY LINDSTROM, No Cover, 21+

Thurs, Feb 2:  KELLY D'S SPORTSBAR, 1012 SE Cleveland, Bend - 7:00pm.  I might be sitting in with The Rock Hounds doing a little pickin and singin' at their acoustic show.

Fri, Feb 3:  TAYLOR'S SAUSAGE DELI & PUB, 913 NE 3rd St, Bend - 5:00pm. I'll be doing my solo acoustic sets with special guests joining me.

Sat, Feb 4:  CRAVE RESTAURANT, 614 NW Cedar, Redmond - 6:30pm. I'll be doing my solo acoustic sets with special guests joining me.

ALSO  Sat, Feb 4:  RIVALS SPORTS BAR, 2650 NE Division St, Bend - 9:30pm. I'll be doing my solo acoustic sets with special guests joining me.

Mon, Feb 6:  ASTRO LOUNGE, 939 NW Bond St, Bend - 7:00pm. I'll be doing my solo acoustic sets with special guests joining me.

Tues, Feb 7: VELVET BEND, 805 NW Wall St, Downtown Bend - Every Tuesday Happy Hour Show, 5:00pm-7:00pm. No cover 21+

Fri/Sat, Feb 10/11: CIRCLE '8' PUB, 17323 Spring River Rd, Sunriver - Bobby Lindstrom Band featuring Scott Wyatt on drums/vocals and Jeff Leslie on bass/vocals. We rocked the house last weekend and will do it again!

Ok, better take a breath and keep going...I might need a nap!


Bobby & Sharon

Great This Side Of The Grass - January 14, 2012

Hey gang! This week has been another busy one: Wednesday Bobby & Glenn Miller shared music with the 12-17 year olds inside Deschutes County Juvenile Detention; Then Nicholas Del Drago & The Rock Hounds invited Bobby to sit in at The Northside Bar & Grill Wednesday night & RAWKED; Thursday night again at The Northside for the best jam in Central Oregon hosted by Scott Foxx Ardinger; Friday night Bobby & drummer Scott Wyatt drove up to The Dalles and met long time friend and ELKHORN bassist Bill Jansen to form the Bobby Lindstrom Trio and RAWKED Clock Tower Ales; Tonight (Saturday) Bobby is sitting in with The Rock Hounds again, this time at the new and cookin' Circle 8 Club in Sun River; Tomorrow (Sunday) Bobby will be lighting up Strictly Organic Coffee House from 1-3; Next tuesday our guy will be starting a weekly acoustic show at Velvet from 5-7, downtown Bend. Another wednesday at Juvenile Det; Friday and Saturday Nights Taylors Deli at 3rd & Greenwood welcomes Bobby back for yet another acoustic show from 5-7; Bobby has recently been called "one of the best guitarists in the whole Northwest"; One of Americas most prolific songwriters"; Catch him if you can. 

Further On Up The Road - January 4, 2012

For the first week of this Glorious New Year, on Wednesday - Bobby will be playing for the 12-17 year olds in Deschutes County Juvenile Detention, and wednesdays indefinitely. It's a growing healing spiritual time for all involved. 

Then Wednesday evening The Northside welcomes Bobby back in a solo acoustic show from 7:00 to 9:30.

Friday night The Cross Creek Cafe in Redmond will be the site of Bobbys show @ 6:30pm.

Saturday Redmond again acoustic at Crave @ 6:30.

COMING: The Dalles, Taylors Deli, Fox's Billiards, The Mill Casino in Coos Bay, along with many of the same venues around central Oregon Bobby calls his homeland now, as the year progresses.

Watch these spots for more Bobby: Mt Bachelor, Tart, Pronghorn, Eagle Crest, Brasada, Rivals, 10 Barrell Brewing, Good Life Brewing, Baldys, Cascade West, The Loft, The Northside and many others...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! - December 31, 2011

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for the best year 2011, full of love, friends and great music. We will ring in the new year at Brassie's Bar in Niblick & Greene Restaurant in the beautiful resort of Eagle Crest in Redmond OR. Come on out and enjoy some of my music 8:30-12!

Brrrrrr! We're in Bend! - December 21, 2011

Who doesn't love Bend at Christmas time, besides the fact it was in the 30's today and supposed to be 7 tonight? It's gorgeous, the sun was warm and bright today, and I didn't need GPS to do a little shopping around town.

We returned from Portland last night with 3 cars full of our stuff, a small musical equipment trailer and 2 dogs to our comfy home in Bend. Today Bobby played at Deschutes Co. Juvenile Detention Center for his semi-regular gig for the kids. He always comes back full of gratitude and a warm heart from helping out. Derek, his friend/singer/drummer/multi-talented lil brother joined him for music, stories and hugs.

Thursday and Friday, The Bobby Lindstrom Band is back at the Riverhouse for some pre-Christmas fun. Take that well-deserved break from all the hustle bustle of the holiday shopping, decorating, family-arranging and join us at the Riverhouse for what might be the last live music @ Crossings Lounge. Bobby, Scott, Jeff and Scott will rock the house with their awesome dancing music, great blues, just plain fun, going out with a bang!

We want to wish everybody the happiest of holidays..enjoy the family, be kind to yourself and help somebody else a little this year. The tiniest gift means so much to those less fortunate. We feel very fortunate to have each other, our healthy children, our happy home and tolerant dogs to dress up in Elf costumes and photograph. Love and peace to all and watch for pics on Facebook!!!


Sharon & Bobby

New Shows Added; Happy Holidays! - December 4, 2011

Bobbys guided Path has introduced him to and befriended him with a cluster of Portlands musical folks since October 1, and he will undoubtedly return. This week he will again be joining the irrepressible Lady Kat True Blue for the Wednesday Jam at The Gator Room in the Southeast, then lighting up The Mock Crest Tavern Saturday night in North Portland. Then he and his amazing woman Sharon will be heading back over the mountains to their home in Bend for holiday time with gigs at Taylors, Strictly Organic, Sheldons, The Riverhouse, Ratskellers @ Mt Hood, Eagle Crest Resort for New Years Weekend, Cross Creek and Crave in Redmond Jan 6-7. Love and music to all our supporters, friends and families. 2011 has been a busy and wonderful year, and we are all looking forward to 2012!

p.s. Happy Birthday Marie Lindstrom - We love and miss you Granny.

Portland Welcomes Bobby Back - November 17, 2011

Using the gigs Bobby has booked for the rest of the November as an indicator, the new guy in town has lost no momentum at all: Although this Fridays Queen Of Hearts gig was bumped to December 2nd, Kerry Stickler has invited Bobby to sit in with him Saturday night at The Bradford; Then next Tuesday the 22nd - The Tonic Lounge will be rockin' with The Bobby Lindstrom Trio, i.e. Scott Wyatt on drums, and long-time bassist Bill Jansen (8pm); Friday the 25th The Laurelwood Pub in Battle Ground, WA welcomes Bobby back for another acoustic solo show (6:30-9:30) *Best Prime Rib anywhere*; The following Wednesday (30th) The amazing "Lady Kat True Blue" will feature Bobby at her blues jam at The Gator Room - 66th & Powell starting at 8pm. Come support Portlands live music scene and share the love!

BEND WEEKEND! - November 11, 2011

We're having a great time in Bend! TONIGHT, Bobby brings the Blues back to Fox's Billiards on NW Newport Ave. Solo acoustic with friends. Come join us!!

SATURDAY, Strictly Organic Coffee on Bond St, 1:00pm-3:00pm

SATURDAY NIGHT, Rivals Sports Bar on Division St, 9:00pm-midnight


We'd love to see our friends, bring your instruments and sit in! Lots of love there!


Hi again from the traveling minstrel! Here we are in Bend again, ready for an amazingly fun weekend! All is well in Portland, the fall has been beautiful and the music life has been an adventure, meeting so many great people and visiting some of the zillions of clubs. Been booked for gigs at The Laurelwood Brewery and Queen of Hearts, The Blue's been FUN!!  Everyone has been so supportive and for new bookings in the big city! We're nailing 'em down!

So...tonight it's Bobby Lindstrom solo acoustic at CROSS CREEK CAFE in Redmond (507 SW 8TH ST). Hopefully some of my fellow musician friends will sit in and share the music. In all, it will be a fun, raucous evening full of great music, stories and laughs! Come on down! I hear they have some of the best food in town..I'm gonna have one of those monsterly delicious BURGERS!!

Saturday, it's HOEDOWN FOR HUNGER! Over 20 bands, chili feed, auctions..all day of great music and a great cause. Starts at 11a.m. at Bend's Community Center on NE 5th and Greenwood...check out the website

Bobby plays about 6:00pm, but come early and stay late!

Saturday night, it RIVALS SPORTS BAR on Division in Bend. Acoustic solo (with friends!) will make your best sports watching even better. Come on out to Rivals, 2650 NE Division St. We're gonna RAWK!!

PORTLAND WEEKEND! - October 28, 2011

It's been a busy 3 weeks in Portland!!  Bobby's been playing in lots of clubs, getting to know lots of people and having lots of fun. Tonight, Friday..Bobby Joins Lady Kat True Blue at the Blue Diamond..check this out:

Layin' down some killer licks with his classic 1968 Les Paul Goldtop and his smokin' hot voice, Bobby L. joins up with Portland Blues Goddess, Lady Kat True Blue. Her low, rich, full-bodied voice that carries the likes of Etta James, with a little of Wynonna’s twang, and the depth of Della Reese! Born and raised in the Northwest she was surrounded by the sounds of Blues and Country music. Most notably for the past six years Lady Kat has been performing at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival. Lady Kat recently performed with Fiona Boyd, Duffy Bishop, Lady A, & Ellen White for the 2011 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival DME Blues Cruise.

Then SATURDAY, Oct 29, Bobby returns to the Laurelwood Public House and Brewery in Battle Ground, WA. His solo acoustic sets and stories, always a fun evening, will entertain you with his amazing Breedlove guitar, Belle, playing blues, rock, and originals. CD's will be for sale! 

Come on out this weekend, it's going to be a funnnnnnnnn one!

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