Bobby, you are a great singer, guitarist, and you have some great songs. But above and beyond all that, when you are on stage, the vibes you put out attract people to you and they want to be with you.” - Lloyd Jones/summer 2004
I knew Bobby from LA when he was out of his mind. Look! He's stealing something now!!” - Carlos Guitarlos
......a talented musician and dear friend of Monica & I at Harbour Music. His name is Bobby Lindstrom and his music is as unique as he is genuine. The diversity in his writing and sound gives him a style all his own....I highly recommend checking out Bobby's music.” - Jeanne Caprioli

Metal Mystriss

For an album that epitomizes guitar-driven Blues/Rock music, track down a copy of A Lick And A Promise”

— Guitar Nine Records

Bobby Lindstrom is a guitar slinger of many years experience with the likes of Big Brother & The Holding Company, Clarence Clemmens, Henry Vestine & others. In collaboration with renowned rock producer, Sam Densmore (Husker Du, The Replacements, R E M, Silverhawk) "A Lick & A Promise" is Bobby Lindstrom's songwriting showcase debut. The 11 tracks are heavy on rock, power-pop & guitar pyrotechnics which will suit those who came to Blues via rock & heavy metal. The Blues origins are there but you may need to stretch your concepts of what is & what isn't.                                                                                                                                                                                             ” - Charlie Gray

Blues Free Press

Hailing from a small town in the Pacific Northwest, singer-songwriter Bobby Lindstrom draws up his surroundings to write blue-collar blues-soaked bar-rock, shuffling songs that make you want to get up and dance. Also implementing a strong understanding of melody, Lindstrom's greasy, drinking man numbers contain strong hooks, making the blues-rock that much more memorable, that much more danceable. Shake your hips, move your hands, and party on down with Lindstrom, because his A Lick And A Promise is a party record for the older crowd. The type of rock-driven blues that just makes you want to have a good time no matter what.....” - Alex Steininger

In Music We Trust/summer 2004

...On A Lick And A Promise Oregonian Bobby Lindstrom bounces between blues, old-school rock and straight-up pop. His best weapons are his super gravelly voice and filthy guitar tone but he's also surprisingly adept at writing in each of those styles as well. Though modern attempts at blues often sound stale and quaint, a result of the static nature of the form and the by=the-number passion of some practitioners, "What Did I Do?" is a chugging number highlighted by a muted horn section (just one guy*, multi-tracked) and Bobbys biting leads, not too flashy, not too rote...." * That "one guy" happens to have been Paul Biondi. I wouldn't play him down, there, Rusty......BL” - Rusty Bidet

Music Emissions, Nov 2004

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