Fans of good old rock from the 70's will really love and appreciate this release by Bobby Lindstrom and Elkhorn Reunited, titled, "Hungry, Cold And Blue". Nothing really fancy here, just honest to goodness rock n roll played the way it should be played, simple, basic, and to the point, not like some of the over bloated, over mixed, and over dubbed rock that is to often crammed down our throats via the radio stations nowadays. Consisting of the favorite tunes from their travels throughout the USA, over the years, "Hungry, Cold And Blue" could be considered a best of Album, filled with many fan favorites, from their extensive touring. Hungry, Cold And Blue", does have a few tinges of blues, but its lack of more blues, should not be considered at all when listening to this great collection of tunes. As mentioned before "Hungry, Cold And Blue", will really take you back to a better time and type of music, from the 70's and that in itself is a real treat for lovers of music from that era.  Bobby Lindstrom and Elkhorn Reunited are really better known as Elkhorn Express and consist of Bobby Lindstrom with his simply amazing guitars skills and one of the truest story telling set of vocals I have heard in a while. Rounding out this extremely tight trio are Bill Jansen (Bass/Vocals), and Mike Carrillo (Drums/Vocals). Trio's for me are a real treat to listen to because they must really meld together seamlessly, as there is no instrumental or vocal room for error. Elkhorn Express is a excellent example of a trio that does it right. I am really glad that Bobby tracked me down sent me this CD. It did not take long of a listen for me to become a fan. I Highly Recommend This Album To Those That Love Rock Done Right, From The Earlier Years... Great Stuff... Please Put Out Some More Albums Like This One... My Two Favorite Tracks: "Hungry, Cold And Blue" and "Everything We Need” - John Vermilyea

— Blues Underground Network

Blues with a Smile! Bobby Lindstrom's blues are on the brighter side of the spectrum. Even the sad songs have a silver lining, Bobby is a great spirit and it shows in his songwriting. Bobby & The Elkhorn Express should make more music together and play live as much as possible so I selfishly can dance with them. I didn't stop smiling through the entire album." Sarina, mornings on Clear 1017” - Sarina Sloan

— Clear 101.7 Bend, Oregon

I was struck by several things listening to this album, having not heard Bobby play for, well, several decades anyway! First off, the general sound of the album is lean and spare, with minimal overdubbing - a refreshing change in this era of micro-massaging Rock and Roll with digital audio software (being a guitar player, I plead guilty as charged). All the rough spots are left alone, with no added reverb or echo, and that contributes to the raw freshness of the sound. Bobby's electric guitar sound from his well-worn Les Paul Goldtop is straight in the amp, edgy and crisp, with elements of Keith Richards, Johnny Winter, and Rick Derringer (with appropriate homage to Robert Johnson, Muddy, and the Kings---Albert, B.B., and Freddie, of course). The rhythm section of longtime Elkhorn cohorts Bill Jansen (bass), and Mike Carillo (drums) is simple, direct, and to the point. You can tell these guys know each other very well---it comes across like a familiar Sunday afternoon jam. The electric grooves are comfortable and energetic, and the lyrics are sometimes poignant (Everything We Need, You Can Get There From Here), and sometimes humorous (Pee Like A Puppy), but always simple and direct. Along For the Ride sounds like a rock and roll "be here now" mantra; an acknowledgement of a long journey with more in store. There's a sense of joy and frustration with relationships (Mandatory Mad X Husband Blues, and Mystery Girl), and the title track, Hungry, Cold and Blue, lets us know to be damn thankful for what we have. The last track, Angels in The Kitchen, is a perfect compliment for a Monday morning, home up the West Fork with your best gal, after a long week on the road. Good job, Bobby & Elkhorn. It's a long road, but a good one---take it out there and throw it down!” - Michael Anderson

— Coop d'bop

Love your new album, man! It really speaks to me...” - Alden Peterson
RE: "Hungry, Cold And Blue" video....So glad to hear that again, Bob. The first time was when you played it for me here at home. Such a treat to have a private concert that day. Keep on rockin” - Dori Lavell
RE: "hungry, Cold And Blue" video....Aaahh that was awesome!!” - Eilene Dorsey

— Facebook friends

RE: "Hungry, Cold And Blue" video.......great song, thanks for sharing it with folks.....” - Gloria Gogi Lobato

— Facebook friends

RE: "Hungry, Cold And Blue" CD....Bobby - You are on fire for careful, you'll ignite everybody around you! I love your spirit and your drive and your eagerness right now. I know it gets a little overwhelming, but go, baby, go! The time is now and now's the time!” - Sharon Laird Jensen

— Facebook friends

I just listened to your CD. I was filled with joy for you. You have painted a masterpiece. You should be a very proud papa. Aloha and hang loose my friend!” - Elaine Reed
I received your CD yesterday. We have listened to about half and are really enjoying it. It may be that I am listening with "better ears" but you sound better than ever! Your guitar playing is, as always, top notch. Take Care, John” - John Verger

— Austin, Texas

Outstanding, Still jammin and belting it out Bobby, Always good to hear ya. Hope all is well for you and your family. Roy Jr.” - Roy Spangler

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