From the recording Hungry, Cold And Blue

I was pretty close to being homeless; I didn't like it much. Once again I have to tell you that this song was given to me. I had tried to write one in the same vein a week or so before, but I didn't really dig it. When this came, it came all at once and poured out. I didn't work on it. I didn't craft it, search for words or keys or progressions or guitar parts. It was all there already. Kind of like someone handing you your lunch. Here...take this...
Want half my sammich?


Take a little time
Take a little money, too
Buy a little food
They're hungry, cold and blue

Jump in your Chevys
Start up them Jags
Throw in a blanket
And an extra sleepin' bag
Take it to the hungry, cold and blue

Do you know how it feels
When the whole world is real
And you are the invisible man
Is anybody lookin'
Or do they all lose their sight
When you dig that last bite
Out of an old tin can

This mean old world has seen better days
But I believe we can find a way
Take a look inside
And if you find a heart
You know what they say
That's a good place to start
We can feed the hungry, cold and blue

Now, everybody says: "But I got's to feed myself"
Just take half that big old sammich
Wrap it up and put it back up on the shelf
Take the other one and give it to God's sons and daughters
Too weak to feed themselves

How many times have we heard this song?
But if we sing together
When we all sing along
We can feed the hungry
Warm up the cold
And yes we can love the blue