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I expose my beliefs again. Not popular but, my truth is my truth. We are all the same and we are all going home. Every one of us.


There is a spirit in old New Orleans that never did die. It's there in the people living the dream. They're still on the rise. (Still on the rise), and I feel it working. I feel it good.
When that beat hit my feet, shuffled us down to Bourbon Street. (Hiccup)
I was walking right behind a girl that means the world to me. Now, we'd both heard a lot of things about all the magic this city brings. So listen close cuz the sidewalk speaks. We're the ones that look like freaks to them.
If I'd been drinking I'd probably be naked too. And if I found Jesus, I'd probably sing Hallelujah.
And I feel it working. I feel it good. Feel it working.
In the morning, in the pouring rain we caught a cab and took a ride down to the other side. The crowd was thick at the House of Blues. They was frying chicken and drawing everybody in. We saw the paintings on the wall. Of Muddy and Ray and Taj Mahal. We took our seats but not for long cuz that gospel band was really kicking and old Staples' song and we was dancing. And I feel it working. I feel it good. Yes I feel it working. Feel it good.
Here is an answer, if you’re a dancer you’re not alone (you’re not alone). Religion or bourbon it doesn’t matter. We’re all goin’ home (all goin home).
And I feel it workin’. I feel it good. I feel it workin’, I feel it good.
Hey you white honky what you fill my up glass halfway for?
Whats a matter with you?
Religion or bourbon (what?). Religion or bourbon (what you talking about?).
Religion or bourbon (I don’t care what you put in it)
Religion or bourbon (Fill it up with whiskey or fill it up with Jesus, I don’t care, just fill it up, fill it up, fill it up).